Jerusalem Stone

Jerusalem Stone Finishes and Colors


Below are a few examples of Jerusalem Stone material available in stock at our shop. It is best to check with us for current colors, finishes, sizes and other details required for your project. Click on the pictures to view larger. If you have any questions please contact us.



Jerusalem Red Mutaba


Hebron White Betan

Benjamin Gold Honed


Ramon Gold Mutaba

Ramon Gray Honed



Hebron Pink Musamsam


Ramon Gold Honed


Jerusalem Red Polished


Ramon Gray Mutaba


Hebron White Honed

Hebron White Musamsam

Hebron Musamsam



Galil Gold Honed

Hebron White Betan

Hebron White Taltish


Hebron White Mutaba

Ramon Gold Betan

Hebron White Honed

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